84 East Avenue Austin, Tx 78701

Every Great City has it's own

AGORA - Gathering Place or Assembly

The Agora was the center of Athletic, Artistic, Spiritual and Political life of the city during the Hellenistic period.

From the twin functions of the Agora as a political and commercial space came the two Greek vergs, Agorazo- I shop and Agorevo - I speak in public

The frontage of our building is a copy of the temple of Hephaestus and Athena. The most proiminent and best preserved monument of the agora of Athens that was built betweenthe 10th and8th century B.C.

Austin's total entertainment venue

Agora is Austin's newest sports bar and Greek themed restaraunt. Join us for all of your favorite sports.

Agora also has a 6,000 square foot rooftop deck for enjoying Austin's night life.

Book your event with us

Agora's 12000 square feet of entertainment space is the perfect venue to host your special event. From corporate team building to private parties, Agora is capable of supplying the perfect day or evening. Check out our events link for further details on booking your event with us.